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Mexican Motor Mafia

Genre and what to do:
Arcade/RPG. A ruthless bandit, named Jebediah Priest has killed your brother and kidnapped your nephews so the only your wish is revenge. Take your shotgun and jump into your car to hunt down the bandit and his gang, known as the Red Texas Four. As you travel looking for bandits you visit different towns where you can get jobs, trade, repair your car, and buy new gun. When you complete a job you earn money, which you may spend on buying new cars or more powerful weapon. Another way to earn money is to defeat numerous gangsters and smugglers along your way; you pick up their entire load and can sell it in the nearest town.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Mexican Motor Mafia is unique mixture of action, RPG and arcade that features high quality graphics, diverse sound effects and appropriate rock soundtracks. The environments impress by their quality, they are designed with detailed textures and amazing arenas. Storyline is represented in form of comics; it is solid and captivating. As for sound effects, they are realistic and various. Gunshots and explosions sound like they should and engine-noise and screeching tires come through nice and clear, though wisely taking a backseat to the soundtrack. All-in-all, Mexican Motor Mafia is a perfect game for those players, who are looking for an action with excellent graphics, easy to follow game play, easy controls and captivating story.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: Yes.

Publisher: Science of Tomorrow

Extras and features:
· Stunning High Quality Graphics
· 16 Types of Muscle Cars
· 18 Types of Deadly Weapons
· 10 Thrilling Rock Soundtracks
· Four the most Ruthless Bandits to Hunt down


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