Doodle Devil

You are the creator of this universe, create all the element of  life. Create more than a 100 element with only two to start with. Light, darkness, demon, death, heaven something you must discovered.


Epic Battle Fantasy 1-3

Really-really great adventure game, has three main character on it, Matt as the swordsman, Natalie as the wizard and Lance as the sniper. Specially for Lance he will appear on the second series as an enemy and become your friend on the third one. The game has a different story, monster, and stage on each series, so couldn't give a clear description about it. Just bring it on........

Epic Battle Fantasy 1 (   7.99 mb)
Epic Battle Fantasy 2 ( 13.19 mb)
Epic Battle Fantasy 3 ( 24.5   mb)

Tube Crisis

To help a young lady who stuck in the crowded train, you must ride others passengers by doing some tricky  thing. Gain the space and fell the air.....


Berzerk Ball

Has a similar game play with Fly Squirrel, just hit the geek and make him fly as far as possible, as high as possible. Collect some money for upgrade and try to get all the medal.


Belial Chapter 1-2

Point and click adventure about Belial son of Lucifier who fight against Satan the new master of hell. Used every Belial abilities fire, thunder and demons tail to make him win the war

Download Belial chapter 1
Download Belial chapter 2


Line Runner 2

Draw your track line and race against the Boss. Hit the ring to make you run faster and avoid the mines or it would be slowing you down. Don't forget to find a secret treasure on the game.


Deadly Venom

A cool stealth game where you can take down your enemies with hand combats, knife throws or a tranquilizer gun!


Larry and The Gnomes

A Gnome king who usually act so nice and friendly, lately has change and become so violent. Larry as the chosen one asked by his king to deal with it. Bloody fight, special weapon, spell and poison are waiting for you on your journey.

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Snail Bob

Poor little Bob his lovely house destroyed by the human hand. Help Bob to find a new home in this interesting puzzle game.