Earl Grey And The Rupert Guy

In order to deliver a packet addresed to Earl Gray, Rupert the commisioner must go to spooky mansion on the hill. But it seems the way is getting hard for Rupert when no one seen on the mansion. So the journey to find Earl Grey starting from now.



Hewitt has a big problem he doesn't have a girl for a dance party. Help him to solve that problem, do whatever it takes to make sure hewitt going to the dance party with an amazing girl at his side. (If you have any difficult to finish this game, please leave a comment)


Haunt The House

You play as a ghost who try to drive out people from his mansion. Posses any objects near you and start to haunt them. As more as terrifying atmosphere you made, you will gain more power to make them scare.


All We Need Is Brain

Quite simple you just need to put a brain as a bait and lure zombies from they graveyard. When you succeed make sure you have a right plan to eliminate them.


Reemus Chapter 1-3

Point and click adventure with two main character Reemus and Liam, they fight against some alien parasite who can poses a living creature body and turn it into a monster. Very famous and many site has post this game, but i still want to add it just for the one who never play it or maybe for people who try to collect it.


Last Touchdown

An American football player who waked up late on his big day match make a haste to chasing time. Running, jumping, sliding and fighting is all that you need to make your lazy player arrive on the field and make one last touchdown.


Road Of The Dead

Try to escape from the quarantine city who overrun by blood thirsty zombie. Ride your car and drive through the highway, don't let anything to stop you even the military. If there any walking creature try to stop you, don't be afraid  and meet them head on.
Warning ::: Not suitable for kid


Ninja VS Mafia Deluxe

An action game about Victor a new member of mafia organization who fight against crazy 44  a big group of ninja assassin. To make you win the war, give Victor some upgrade and build a great entourage for him.


Dead Frontier Outbreak 2

This game has similar background story like Resident Evil, people infected by a virus and turn into horrible zombie. But even so you will find this game is very unique. Unique??? i guess you must find that for your self, go and download the game.


Detective Grimoire

You play as detective Grimoire a private detective who has been called to solve a murder case in local fairground. Talk to every suspect and explore the fairground for clues. When you find out the murderer talk to the police officer and let see is't your conclusion right or wrong.

Elevator Fart

This guy stuck in elevator with huge amount of gas in his stomach. Help him to release it, but don't too haste if people aware that gas is coming from you it's over, and don't hold too much or you're gonna break a lot more than just gas.


Fly Squirrel Fly

Games about a little squirrel who trying to fly. Try to collect a lot of money and buy all the upgradable unit. When you done it your squirrel would be able to reach the star and get a far flying distance.


Armed With Wing 3

Network a great evil who posses a mighty force of darkness, spread a terror and death on human land. There is just one who can stop him, the one who posses power of godly caliber, the one who armed with wing.