Pirates Heart

A pirates captain who sold his heart to the devil sail toward death to take back something that once belonged to him. Banish all the monster and collect the treasures.


Forest Truck

Ride your truck and deliver goods to the receive point through an extreme forest landscape. You must meet the minimum amount of good that must be sent to pass the level, so becarefull don't drop too much.


Swat Rescue Team

A terrorist has been kidnapped an innocent people, as a member of swat rescue team you must go and save them. Identified the target before shooting, make sure it's not a civilian and when you sure, go and shoot them all.


City On Fire

Rescue all the people who trapped in a burning building. When they starting to jump use a trampoline to bounce them and send them to medical officer.

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Teelonians The Clan Wars

If you like Plant VS Zombie, then you must play this one. Have a same game play (put a unit in a free slot) but with a completely different theme. Be wise when you use your money and build an army.



If you like Astro Avenger and similar game like that, then check this one out. With a simple game play, colorful graphic and smooth movement this game would be very fun for you.


The Colorful Chess

The colorful chess is another variant of chess game. This game used 5 color on the board where each of them determines the way of pawn move. You also have an option to use classical pawn shape or the modern one.


Monster Truck 2

A great monster truck game, have a nice graphic and cool game play. You may customized your truck with different paint, wheel, shocks and of course upgrade the machine to get a better performance.


Extreme Ironing

Grab your ironing board and start the fun, jump on trampoline, sliding on pipe, and show cool movement as many as you can. But remember to much fall will cost your life.


Extreme Rally

A cool racing game, become a great racer and win the tournament. Unlock a new level, upgrade your car for better performance and used nitro to boost speed.